Title 1: Chief Transformation Officer
Jodie Lesh leads Kaiser Permanente’s Office of Transformation, which focuses on driving transformative innovation system-wide to create meaningful, sustainable structural growth and change. Jodie operates as a cross-functional orchestrator of complex, disruptive initiatives in support of the organization’s Shared Agenda, with the goal of creating more healthy years for members.

Prior to this role, Jodie headed the organization's delivery system strategy and innovation efforts, including the development and implementation of capital projects in excess of $3 billion per year. Jodie led the Reimagining Ambulatory Design effort, which integrated technology and member-driven preferences into building design and construction. After co-leading a Community Health strategy in Southern California focused on innovatively leveraging KP assets to positively impact upstream social determinants of health, Jodie now sits on the Economic Impact Executive Council, which is working to harness the potential of Kaiser Permanente’s hiring, procurement, and construction efforts to generate economic development and income stability in the communities we serve.