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Value-Based Care in Focus with Carrie Owen Plietz and Vivan Tan

In an inspiring fireside chat, Carrie Owen Plietz, Northern California Regional President, in conversation with Vivian Tan, Vice President, Strategic Information Management and Global Relationships, shared why value-based care is the future of health care.

Below please find a few highlights and the full recording:

Why Value-Based Care?

  • Value-Based Care, with its evidenced-based care, equitable approach, simplicity, and aligned incentives, enables us to focus on health, and keeping people healthy.
  • Recent studies show the impact of providing high quality prevention and care: Kaiser Permanente members are 33% less likely to lose years of life due to cardiovascular disease and 20% less likely to lose years of life due to cancer.

Risant: Rising Together + Constantly Delivering Quality Care

  • Risant, Kaiser Permanente’s new organization focused on spreading value-based care to nonprofit community health systems, is working to scale Kaiser Permanente’s value-based care approach.
  • Some of the key elements that we will scale include care pathways, leveraging data for impact, and digital capabilities.

Moving Care Upstream

  • In our value-based care organization, we are motivated by health.  And we move healthcare upstream. Kaiser Permanente is addressing food insecurity, climate change, and social health needs to help our members and community achieve greater health.

Leading a Value-Based Care Organization

  • Carrie emphasized her belief that everything that was once impossible is possible.  Even in a predominantly fee-for-service marketplace, it is possible to make advances towards higher value care.  Find the book she recommended here.
  • Carrie reminded us as healthcare leaders that we must put on our oxygen masks first. We must take care of ourselves so we can take care of others.  She hosts a podcast where she dives deep into resilience and thriving.
  • Carrie and Vivian discussed the importance of learning from other health systems. Carrie shared Kaiser Permanente’s partnership with the International Hospital Federation’s Young Executive Leaders program, enabling emerging healthcare leaders around the world to learn from each other about diverse health care systems.
  • It’s about family, and we’re in this journey towards better healthcare together. Stay connected with Kaiser Permanente and KP International and join us again virtually or in-person.
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