Cancer Care Reimagined

Tuesday, March 23, 2021
7:00 AM Pacific Time (PDT) = 2:00 PM London (UTC)

Duration: 75 minutes

Kaiser Permanente has spent the past several years redesigning how cancer care is delivered in order to provide the best treatment and support for patients. Increased sub-specialization, clinical research integration, digital transformation, multidisciplinary expert-based virtual case conferences, tele-oncology, cancer care navigation, and partnerships with pharmacy are all part of the reimagined care.

Tatjana Kolevska, MD is the medical director of the Kaiser Permanente National Excellence in Cancer Care program. By harnessing the advantages of Kaiser Permanente’s integrated region-wide health care system, Dr. Kolevska organizes and leads cancer prevention, diagnosis, and treatment strategies. She is the chair of Kaiser Permanente Northern California Oncology/Hematology and Physician Education and co-directs the Northern California Oncology Clinical Trials Program. Dr. Kolevska completed a hematology and oncology fellowship at Columbia University in New York. She received her medical degree and a master’s of science in clinical immunology and allergy at the University of Zagreb School of Medicine.

Jeff Convissar, MD is the medical director at Kaiser Permanente’s Care Management Institute, as well as medical director, clinical quality, at The Permanente Federation. In these roles, Jeff is responsible for a variety of improvement initiatives. He has been with Kaiser Permanente since 1992 and was previously the executive director of national risk management. Prior to that, for 12 years Jeff was an attending physician in the emergency department at Kaiser Permanente’s Santa Clara Medical Center, where he also served as the assistant chief of quality. Jeff has a bachelor’s degree in biology from Brown University. He received his medical degree from the UCLA School of Medicine and completed his emergency department residency training at Harbor-UCLA Medical Center.

Violeta Rabrenovich, MHA, CHIE is the senior director of Clinical Quality Improvement at The Permanente Federation.

This session is part of the continuing webinar series Integrated Health Care in Action, presented in monthly virtual sessions from February to June 2021.

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