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Innovating the Future of Health Care

Kaiser Permanente International is dedicated to advancing the insight and inspiration to transform health care around the globe. We have provided a few exclusive excerpts from our recent Innovation program below.  We invite you to learn more about the history of innovation at Kaiser Permanente and human-centered design.

These topics and more will be part of an on-demand certification course on health care innovation.  Let us know if you are interested here.

Keep scrolling to see the videos.

History of Innovation at Kaiser Permanente

Dr. Dennis Truong, Regional Telemedicine/Mobility Director, Assistant Physician-in-Chief, Northern Virginia Service Area, Emergency Medicine, shares Kaiser Permanente’s rich history of innovation, starting with the creation of Kaiser Permanente and including recent digital transformations.

Innovating for Scale through Co-Design

Estee Neuwirth, PhD, Senior Director, Design Consultancy, shares how designing with end-users as partners enables innovation at scale and the deployment of solutions that add value to the delivery system.

Strategic Foresight: Planning for the Unknown

Jennifer Lo,  Managing Director, Strategy, Innovation and Performance highlights an approach for addressing a VUCA (volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous) world.

Inspire. Connect. Innovate

KP International’s on-demand certificate courses, virtual and in-person seminars and programs, and speaking engagements create a dialog on how integrated health care can provide inspiration on changing the way health and wellness is approached. Connect with us on Linked In and Twitter to stay updated on resources. Join us for one of our upcoming programs or sign up  to learn more about when our new on-demand certification courses launch.

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