The Integrated Health Experience

Coming in May 2021
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Building on KP International’s acclaimed in-person programs, The Integrated Health Experience offers health care leaders from diverse countries a dynamic learning experience in a virtual format.

The program features interaction with a large number of presenters, with a small audience size.

Expertly guided by Kaiser Permanente speakers, each cohort of participants explores an array of current topics such as:

  • Kaiser Permanente’s mission-powered structure
  • Integrated care in action
  • Strategy and vision in the new health care reality
  • Digitally enabled care
  • Physician leadership
  • Closing care gaps by working in care teams
  • Delivery system design and innovation
  • Big data and artificial intelligence
  • Addressing social determinants of health as a strategic priority
  • What’s ahead for the health care sector?

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Program Highlights

What You’ll Gain

  • Learn how Kaiser Permanente is organized and operates
  • Understand the fundamental aspects of value-based care
  • Dig deeper into Kaiser Permanente’s use of technology, approach to quality, and optimization of the patient experience
  • Get ideas and inspiration for new practices to bring into your health system

Who May Attend

  • Hospital administrators
  • Physician leaders
  • Leaders in strategy, technology, policy, quality, and operations
  • Leaders from health insurance, hospital and clinics, research organizations, universities, governments, and health care consultancies


Partial list from September 2020 — Click on a photo to view the speaker’s bio

Scott Young, MD
Executive Director and Senior Medical Director, Care Management Institute
John Vu
John Vu, MPH
Vice President of Strategy, Community Health
Chief Digital Officer Prat Vemana
Prat Vemana
Senior Vice President and Chief Digital Officer
Vivian Tan, MBA
Vivian Tan, MBA
Vice President, Strategic Information Management and Global Relationships
Jennifer Slovis, MD
Jennifer Slovis, MD
Medical Director, Kaiser Permanente Multi-Specialty Transitions Clinic
Elizabeth McGlynn
Elizabeth McGlynn, PhD
Vice President, Kaiser Permanente Research; Executive Director, CESR
Troy Long, MD
Internal Medicine Physician, Colorado Permanente Medical Group
Chief Transformation Officer Jodie Lesh
Jodie Lesh
Chief Transformation Officer
David Grandy
David Grandy, FACHE, CMPE
Vice President, Office of Transformation
Debra Friesen, MD
Debra Friesen, MD
Physician, Colorado Permanente Medical Group, and Physician Advisor, Customer Clinical Solutions
Karin Cooke
Karin Cooke, MBA
Director, Kaiser Permanente International
Nolan Chang, MD
Family Medicine Physician, Medical Director for Business Management

What to Expect at an Open Program

To serve a broad range of participants, KP International hosts virtual and in-person open programs for health care leaders whose work is based outside the United States. Features of an open program include a comprehensive look at the Kaiser Permanente model provided by a large number of expert speakers in a small group setting.

In a KP International open program, we share key aspects of Kaiser Permanente’s success: a focus on quality and continuous improvement, an emphasis on robust technologies that enable optimal care and service for members, and a collaborative leadership approach.

Open programs are conducted in English, and real-time text and voice translation in a number of other languages may be available.

If your organization would like to explore specific learning objectives with an option for interpretation in your language, you might consider a customized program.

If you’re curious about the in-person program experience, please see these frequently asked questions (FAQ).

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Excellent day, really brought Kaiser Permanente to life!

— Open program participant