The Integrated Health Experience

Virtual format, Tuesdays and Thursdays in May 2021

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May 4 and 6
May 11 and 13
May 18 and 20
May 27


6:45 am to 9:30 am Pacific

Note for participants in Asia, Australia, and New Zealand: This program will be offered again in September-October 2021, on a schedule aligned with business hours in your time zones. We hope you will join us then.

The Integrated Health Experience (IHE) creates an immersive journey through the essentials of Kaiser Permanente’s health care system. Over the course of 7 sessions, the program provides theoretical and practical views of how our system is designed and how we leverage the power of integration between ambulatory and inpatient care; between health insurance, hospitals, and doctors; and between patients and care teams.

IHE provides inspiration and best practices for leveraging the benefits of integration in your country or health system. The program features a robust network of expert speakers; virtual simulations and tours; a small cohort of international health care leaders; and significant interaction to maximize the learning.

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What You’ll Gain

  • Learn how Kaiser Permanente is organized and operates
  • Understand the fundamental aspects of value-based care
  • Dig deeper into Kaiser Permanente’s use of technology, approach to quality, and optimization of the patient experience
  • Get ideas and inspiration for new practices to bring into your health system

Who Attends

  • Hospital administrators
  • Physician leaders
  • Leaders in strategy, technology, policy, quality, and operations
  • Leaders from health insurance, hospital and clinics, research organizations, universities, governments, and health care consultancies

What to Expect

The Integrated Health Experience provides a comprehensive look at the Kaiser Permanente integrated model and the elements that make it work. Participants can interact with a large number of expert speakers in a small group setting hosted on the innovative Center for Total Health virtual environment.

Open programs are conducted in English. Real-time text and voice translation in other languages may be available.

If your organization would like to explore specific learning objectives with an option for interpretation in your language, you might consider a customized program.

In-person programs will resume when it is safe. For more about the in-person experience, please see these frequently asked questions (FAQ).

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Great opportunity to see the Kaiser Permanente model really working, and excellent team of presenters and tours.

— Open program participant