If you are hosting a virtual or in-person event and would like to invite an expert speaker from Kaiser Permanente, KP International will work with you to find the right presenter to meet your objectives.

The speakers below are representative of the subject matter experts who present at KP International programs. Our international speakers bureau represents the full range of Kaiser Permanente’s expertise, from care experience to innovation to digital health.

These speakers also present at KP International programs throughout the year.  View our brief webinars and multi-day program options to see how you can hear from Kaiser Permanente’s experts.

Dexter Janet Borrowman
Dexter Janet Borrowman, CHIE, CPXP
Director, Care Experience, Maui Health System
Nolan Chang, MD
Family Medicine Physician, Medical Director for Business Management
Jeff Convissar
Jeff Convissar, MD
Medical Director, Care Management Institute; Medical Director, Clinical Quality
Karin Cooke
Karin Cooke, MBA
Director, Kaiser Permanente International
Jamie Ferguson
Jamie Ferguson
Vice President, Health Information Technology Strategy, and Policy Fellow, Institute for Health Policy
Debra Friesen, MD
Debra Friesen, MD
Physician, Colorado Permanente Medical Group, and Physician Advisor, Customer Clinical Solutions
David Grandy
David Grandy, FACHE, CMPE
Vice President, Office of Transformation
Ricardo Jimenez-Kimble, MD
Ricardo Jimenez-Kimble, MD
Family Medicine, Adult Primary Care, Southern California Permanente Medical Group
Stephanie Ledesma
Interim Senior Vice President, Community Health Programs
Lisa Arellanes
Lisa Arellanes
Vice President, National Clinical Services Group
Troy Long, MD
Internal Medicine Physician, Colorado Permanente Medical Group
Eduardo Lopez
Eduardo Lopez, MD
Physician in Charge, Department of Nephrology, Panorama City Medical Center
Marc Jaffe, MD
Marc Jaffe, MD
Guideline Director for KP Northern California Region; Chief of Endocrinology
Bill Marsh
Bill Marsh, MD
Vice President of Care Delivery IT and Products, Sales & Marketing, The Permanente Federation
Elizabeth McGlynn
Elizabeth McGlynn, PhD
Vice President, Kaiser Permanente Research; Executive Director, CESR
Hassan Movahedi, MD, PhD
Hassan Movahedi, MD, PhD
Physician Director, Continuing Care Service Line and Inpatient Quality Management
Violeta Rabrenovich
Violeta Rabrenovich, MHA, CHIE
Senior Director, Clinical Quality Improvement, The Permanente Federation
Trish Rodriguez
Trish Rodriguez, RN, MPH
Senior Vice President and Area Manager
Murray Ross
Murray N. Ross, PhD
Vice President and Director, Institute for Health Policy
Lucy A. Savitz, PhD, MBA
Director, Center for Health Research, Northwest and Hawaii
Jennifer Slovis, MD
Jennifer Slovis, MD
Medical Director, Kaiser Permanente Multi-Specialty Transitions Clinic
Walter Suarez
Walter G. Suarez, MD, MPH
Executive Director, Health IT Strategy and Policy
Paul Swenson
Paul Swenson, MBA
Executive Vice President, Chief Administrative Officer; President, KP International
Vivian Tan, MBA
Vivian Tan, MBA
Vice President, Strategic Information Management and Global Relationships
John Vu
John Vu, MPH
Vice President of Strategy, Community Health
Scott Young, MD
Executive Director and Senior Medical Director, Care Management Institute