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Speakers at Conferences

Senior leaders at Kaiser Permanente are frequently invited to share key insights and practical lessons on how Kaiser Permanente has become a health care leader known for exceptional quality and patient-centered care. Sample speaking topics include:

The Care Experience and Patient- and Family-Center Care
Physician Leadership
Leveraging Health Information Technology to Transform Care Delivery

You’ll find a more comprehensive list on our Topics page.

Complete a Speaker Request form to request a Kaiser Permanente speaker for your conference, seminar, or other event.

Dexter Borrowman
Dexter Janet Borrowman,
Director, National Care Experience Department

Bechara Choucair
Bechara N. Choucair, MD
Senior Vice President, Community Health and Benefit, and Chief Community Health Officer

Jeff Convissar
Jeff Convissar, MD
Medical Director, Care Management Institute, and Medical Director, Clinical Quality, The Permanente Federation

Karin Cooke
Karin Cooke, MBA
Director, Kaiser Permanente International

Patrick Courneya
Patrick T. Courneya, MD
Executive Vice President, Hospitals, Quality, and Care Delivery Excellence, and Chief Medical Officer, Medicare Advantage, 1876 Cost, and Part D Pharmacy Plans

Ed Ellison, MD
Ed Ellison, MD
Executive Medical Director and Chairman of the Board, Southern California Permanente Medical Group, Chairman of the Board and Chief Executive Officer, The Southeast Permanente Medical Group, Co-Chief Executive Officer, National Permanente Executive Committee, The Permanente Federation

Ted Eytan
Ted Eytan, MD, MS, MPH
Medical Director, Center for Total Health, The Permanente Federation, Washington, D.C.

Jamie Ferguson
Jamie Ferguson
Vice President, Health Information Technology Strategy, and Policy Fellow, Institute for Health Policy

Kathy Gerwig
Kathy Gerwig, MBA
Vice President, Employee Safety, Health and Wellness, and Environmental Stewardship Officer

Carol Jo Hiatt
Jo Carol Hiatt, MD, MBA, FACS
Chair, National Product Council, and Assistant Medical Director, Southern California Permanente Medical Group Business Administration

Ricardo Jimenez-Kimble, MD
Ricardo Jimenez-Kimble, MD
Family Medicine/Adult Primary Care, Southern California Permanente Medical Group

Joy Lewis
Joy A. Lewis, MSW, MPH
Senior Health Policy Consultant, Institute for Health Policy

Bernadette Loftus
Bernadette Loftus, MD
Associate Executive Director,
Mid-Atlantic Permanente Medical Group

Eduardo Lopez
Eduardo Lopez, MD
Physician in Charge, Department of Nephrology, Kaiser Permanente Panorama City Medical Center

Bill Marsh
Bill Marsh, MD
Vice President of Care Delivery IT and Products/Sales/Marketing,
The Permanente Federation

Elizabeth McGlynn
Elizabeth A. McGlynn, PhD
Vice President, Kaiser Permanente Research, and Executive Director, Center for Effectiveness and Safety

Keith Montgomery
Keith Montgomery
Executive Director, Center for Total Health, Washington, DC

Hassan Movahedi, MD, PhD
Hassan Movahedi, MD, PhD
Physician Director, Continuing Care Service Line and Inpatient Quality Management

Estee Neuwirth
Estee Neuwirth, PhD
Senior Director, Innovation and Design,
Innovation Consultancy with Health Systems Performance

Violeta Rabrenovich
Violeta Rabrenovich, MHA, CHIE
Senior Director, Clinical Quality Improvement, The Permanente Federation

Patricia M. Rodriguez RN, MPH
Patricia M. Rodriguez, RN, MPH
Senior Vice President and Area Manager

Murray Ross
Murray Ross, PhD
Vice President and Director,
Institute for Health Policy

Lucy A. Savitz, PhD, MBA
Director, Center for Health Research, Northwest and Hawaii, and Vice President, Health Research, Kaiser Permanente Northwest

Lisa Schilling
Lisa Schilling, RN, MPH
Vice President, Healthcare Performance Improvement, and Director, Care Management Institute Center for Health System Performance

Bryan Simmons
Bryan Simmons, MBA
Director of Strategic Information Management and Global Relationships

Walter Suarez
Walter G. Suarez, MD, MPH
Executive Director, Health IT Strategy and Policy

Paul Swenson
Paul Swenson, MBA
Senior Vice President and
Chief Strategy Officer
Kaiser Foundation Health Plan/Hospitals
President, KP International

Vivian Tan
Vivian Tan, MBA
Vice President, Strategic Information Management and Global Relationships

John Vu, MPH

Vice President of Strategy, Community Benefit

Scott Young, MD
Scott Young, MD
Executive Director, Care Management Institute, and Associate Executive Medical Director, The Permanente Federation

“The quality of the presenters was exceptional, and responses to questions were very impressive.”

–Program Participant

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