KP International’s virtual and in-person offerings are designed to share insights and inspire improvement in health care and innovation worldwide. We do this through seminars, open programs, customized programs, and speaking engagements.

Whether you choose a virtual or in-person format, you’ll benefit by interacting with our experienced team of facilitators and presenters. Together with your colleagues or other health care leaders from around the globe, you’ll discuss key lessons, challenges, and reflections on the future of health care.

Who will benefit?

Leaders in hospital administration, primary and specialty care, nursing, pharmacy, innovation, health information technology, government policymaking, and other areas will benefit from a KP International program. Participating organizations have included hospitals, health plans, governments, universities, tech companies, research organizations, consultants, and more.

For Individuals and Small Groups

Are you looking for inspiration, best practices, and proven approaches to solve the challenges you face in your health care system? Participating as an individual or as part of a small group creates opportunities to connect with leaders from Kaiser Permanente and around the world as you explore new ideas and exchange insights on evolving or transforming health care for your organization.

If your interests include…

  • New approaches to care delivery, digital health, community health, and innovation
  • Best practices and research on factors that impact clinical outcomes and affordability
  • Inspiration for ways to change company culture and health systems

Recommended options (virtual or in person)

For Organizations


Are you and your team working to build perspective and strategies through a discovery trip or customized study tour? Teams from governments, hospitals, health plans, universities, research, technology, and more have advanced their learning and strategic planning with KP International’s seminars and programs.

If your objectives include…

  • Introducing teams to new approaches to care
  • Inspiring a cohort of your leaders with ideas that can inform strategy
  • Diving deep into the topics that are most important for your organization
  • Building a series of experiences to introduce and reinforce ideas and effect organizational change

Recommended options (virtual or in person)

To gain perspective, team leaders sometimes join an open program independently, and follow up with a customized program for their team or organization.

Look inside: Download a recap of an open program

For Consultants and Study Tour Leaders


Are your clients striving to improve their health systems by leveraging both technology and human-centered experience? Are you designing a program to convene thought leaders in health care, delivery system design and innovation, artificial intelligence, or the next frontiers of technology and medicine? KP International will work with you to develop a virtual or in-person experience that addresses your objectives and challenges your participants to advance their learning and strategic planning.

If your objectives include…

  • Exposing your participants to the latest in health care industry thinking
  • Highlighting innovation and improvement in health care, including Kaiser Permanente’s rapid response to the COVID-19 crisis
  • Incorporating insight from the largest vertically integrated health system in the United States
  • Finding inspiration for ways to change company culture and health systems

Recommended options (virtual or in person)

To gain perspective, consultants and study tour leaders sometimes join an open program independently, and follow up with a customized program for the group they are leading.

Health care leaders

from 85 countries and a variety of disciplines have participated in KP International’s programs.

Whether you are participating individually or collectively, you’ll experience Kaiser Permanente’s journeys, successes, and lessons learned.


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Ready to find a solution that’s right for you?

Key aspects that you’ll explore with KP International include a focus on quality and continuous improvement, an emphasis on robust technologies that enable optimal care and service for patients, and a collaborative leadership approach.

Not sure which option is best for you? Contact us and we’ll be happy to help you find a solution.

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