Throughout our programs, KP International shares Kaiser Permanente’s journeys, successes, and lessons learned, along with insights on the topics below. In addition, we can customize a program with specialized topics of your choice.

Our Mission-Powered Structure

Kaiser Permanente uses an integrated model, with physicians, hospitals, and insurance as part of the same organization. Within this topic, with a thread of innovation throughout, this session covers our:

  • Groundbreaking history
  • Integrated structure built on a common mission
  • Approach to quality and prevention
  • Digital health supporting care delivery
  • Supporting the communities we serve

This topic is the focus of our 2-hour seminars, and also serves as an introduction to our longer programs.

Speakers Bureau

(For audiences outside the U.S.) — Are you planning a conference, workshop, or board meeting in your country? Consider having a presenter from our speakers bureau address your audience virtually or in person. We’ll work with you to define your event requirements and select an experienced presenter ideally matched to your audience and objectives.

Featured Areas of Expertise

Community Health Strategy

Only 10% of one’s health is determined by medical care. Addressing community health and the social determinants of health is a crucial part of Kaiser Permanente’s strategy. Get inspired by how Kaiser Permanente is leading the way in identifying community health needs, partnering with other organizations, and improving total health for the communities we serve. Affordable housing, food security, and environmental efforts are just a few of the areas of focus.

Digital Health Transformation

Kaiser Permanente has used health information technology to transform every aspect of patient care and experience, from preventive screenings to reduced hospital stays to virtual visits. Digital health is improving care, enhancing convenience, and empowering patients with tools to support their health.


We often say that innovation is in Kaiser Permanente’s DNA. Our founding physician, Sidney Garfield, designed a prepaid health system where doctors are affiliated with one insurance plan and associated hospitals and clinics. From those early days, innovation has nurtured and supported the transformative use and design of data, technology, facilities, and care delivery processes.


Care Experience

Enhancing the care experience is an essential part of providing high-quality, patient-centered care. Kaiser Permanente has established methods and systems that establish patients and families as partners as we design and redesign care delivery. Patient advisory councils, co-design, and data are at the heart of our focus on care experience.

Chronic Conditions and Population Care Management

From the start of Kaiser Permanente, there has been a focus on understanding the best clinical approach for entire population of patients. We then apply evidence-based care practices to an individual’s specific situation.


Health Policy

Kaiser Permanente’s aligned incentives have encouraged investment in new care delivery approaches like telehealth before health regulations were addressing those. Advocating for advances in health care policy that reflect the changing nature of care delivery is an active part of our organization


Kaiser Permanente has research institutes in each of its markets. These research groups are looking at identifying the best clinical practices and establishing the best way to get clinical standards into practice. In any year, we have nearly 3,000 externally funded research studies.

The Power of Big Data

Kaiser Permanente has more than 100 petabytes of data. This data, which is used to support more efficient administration of our health plan, to predict hospital readmissions, and to adjust care using real-time data. We highlight how predictive analytics and machine learning are put into operations to support our system.

New! Read the Operational Watch List case study for an example of how we are making data actionable in real time.

Delivery System Design

Because of our integrated structure, when Kaiser Permanente designs new solutions, we look at the entire delivery system, from facilities and technology to people and processes. Redesigning ambulatory care, optimizing home care, and addressing social determinants of health are examples of major transformations that use all of the levers in our system.


Physician Leadership

One of the keys to Kaiser Permanente’s success is that care is determined by our physicians. Doctors also play a vital role in evaluating and designing technologies, drug formularies, and patient education to ensure that the best clinical care is at the core of our approach.


Primary Care and Prevention

Primary care physicians practice in teams, leveraging additional care professionals in the coordination, management, and treatment of patients. Teams are designed so that everyone practices to his/her highest license level, and technology facilitates coordination and communication with patients and team members. This design is central to Kaiser Permanente’s patient-centered care delivery that proactively focuses on prevention and chronic conditions management.

Partial list. Please inquire if you’re interested in another topic.