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Areas of Expertise

Health Policy

Adovating for advances in health care policy that reflect the changing nature of care delivery is an active part of our organization.

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Health Policy Experts

Kaiser Permanente’s aligned incentives have encouraged investment in new care delivery approaches like telehealth before health regulations were addressing those.

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Jamie Ferguson
Jamie Ferguson
Vice President, Health Information Technology Strategy, and Policy Fellow, Institute for Health Policy
Prue Fitzpatrick, MPH
Executive Director, Federal Relations

Recommended Resources

Institute for Health Policy

A center that explores and shapes public policies and practices around accessible, high-quality care and healthy communities, convening experts to share knowledge, spark discourse, and advance collective thinking at roundtables, forums, and conferences.

Integrated Care Stories

Understanding the value of the Kaiser Permanente model: Integrated care stories

5 Steps to Restore Trust in U.S. Health Care

The pandemic exposed the weaknesses in the U.S health care system and undermined public trust in it. Five steps can help restore it: support the move to value-based care, reimagine the public health infrastructure, leverage technology to improve access, shift more hospital care into the home, and cut the red tape and keep patients engaged.

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