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Care Experience

Enhancing the care experience is an essential part of providing high-quality, patient-centered care.

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Care Experience Experts

Kaiser Permanente has established methods and systems that establish patients and families as partners as we design and redesign care delivery. Patient advisory councils, co-design, and data are at the heart of our focus on care experience.

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Dexter Janet Borrowman
Dexter Janet Borrowman, CHIE, CPXP
Director, Care Experience, Maui Health System
David Grandy
David Grandy, FACHE, CMPE
Vice President, Office of Transformation

KP Care Team Helps Patient Diagnosed With MS

Chelsea Reeverts, a newly engaged and otherwise healthy young woman, was in for a shock when she was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis (MS). Clinical Pharmacy Specialist Nikki Hahn, PharmD, helped her figure out how to manage this disease through her new medications.

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Human-Centered Design and Performance Improvement: Better Together

Kaiser Permanente’s initiatives with combining HCD and PI point to the potential to improve the health care experience and outcomes of patients and providers.

“To Care is to be Human”

Linda Knodel, Senior Vice President and Chief Nurse Executive for Kaiser Permanente, highlights stories of how patients benefit from good nursing.

Patient Experience

Redesigning hospitals with patient experience in mind.  Hospital design is moving beyond cosmetic changes to please patients by adding features that give them more control.

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