Mother and daughter on telehealth call with physician

Areas of Expertise

Digital Health Transformation

Digital health is improving care, enhancing convenience, and empowering patients with tools to support their health.

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Digital Health Transformation Strategy Experts

Kaiser Permanente has used health information technology to transform every aspect of patient care and experience, from preventive screenings to virtual visits to reduced hospital stays and acute care at home.

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Lisa Arellanes
Lisa Arellanes
Vice President, National Clinical Services Group
Nolan Chang, MD
Family Medicine Physician, Medical Director for Business Management
Jamie Ferguson
Jamie Ferguson
Vice President, Health Information Technology Strategy, and Policy Fellow, Institute for Health Policy
Walter Suarez
Walter G. Suarez, MD, MPH
Executive Director, Health IT Strategy and Policy
Chief Digital Officer Prat Vemana
Prat Vemana
Senior Vice President and Chief Digital Officer

Bringing Healing Home with Virtual Cardiac Rehabilitation Program

Michelle’s care team came with her in the form of a wearable fitness tracker that transmitted information about her heart rate and activity level to a nurse case manager.

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“The future of health care will focus more on staying healthy and having coordinated care using science, data, and technology to help us identify diseases earlier, intervene more proactively, and better understand disease progression,” said Dr. Davidoff.

Kaiser Permanente CDO on healthcare digital transformation 

We’re in the third wave of digital transformation, according to Prat Vemana, Kaiser Permanente’s Chief Digital Officer