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2024 Update: The Integrated Care Experience

As we gear up for the April 2024 Integrated Care Experience, I have been reflecting on the programs from the past few years. The Integrated Care Experience is our flagship program and we cover similar foundational topics each time it is offered. The pace of change has been remarkable in the healthcare industry, and while the same general themes are covered in our programs, each program highlights new developments and advancements that reflect how much and how fast healthcare is changing.  The Integrated Care Experience is consistently updated and evolving.

A few of the recent initiatives that were featured in 2023, that continue to advance and expand include.

“The KP International program provided a much deeper understanding of Kaiser than anything I have previously experienced. This was an exceptional learning opportunity I am grateful to have been a part of. Anyone who engages Kaiser could benefit from the program.”
2023 Integrated Care Experience participant testimonial

And, while care is moving out of hospitals, customer and patient expectations are changing, and new care delivery models and technologies are being deployed, the essence of Kaiser Permanente stays strong and is seen, demonstrated, and felt as part of the immersive experience of our programs.

Some of the highlights participant reflect on include:

  • Commitment to the Kaiser Permanente mission
  • Culture of making the right thing easy to do, so that we deliver the right care at the right place at the right time for every patient every time
  • Working as a team to support prevention and care for our members

With many of us working remotely more often than pre-2020,  there is also genuine appreciation from Kaiser Permanente leaders for connecting with each other and with our international participants.  It is quite powerful meeting with leaders, in-person, to discuss how we are continuing to advance our work so that more people have access to high-quality, equitable and affordable health care.

Our next Integrated Care Experience program is April 21 – 24, 2024 in the San Francisco Bay Area.   We hope to see you then!

“A highlight for me is how invested KP management and employees are in the vision and goals of the organization” – September 2022 Integrated Care Experience participant testimonial

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