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Title 1: Senior Principal Consultant, Prevention, Wellness, and Digital Health


Trina Histon joined Kaiser Permanente in 1998 and has been working in the digital space since 2010. She is a senior principal consultant who leads and supports national innovation projects in prevention, wellness, and digital health at Kaiser Permanente’s Care Management Institute.

After earning a PhD in health psychology from University College Cork, Ireland, Trina built an extensive career in Ireland and the US by translating evidence into practice in health care. Her work encompasses prevention, well-being, behavior change, and emotional health. Trina is the co-lead for Project Chamai (Greek for “grounded”), which deploys an ecosystem of digital mental health tools to support emotional wellness. As director of the Care Management Institute’s Weight Management Initiative, Trina is committed to finding public health solutions and identifying practical, effective, non-surgical approaches for the prevention and treatment of overweight and obesity in children, adolescents, and adults.

Trina enjoys bringing the evidence to life for front-line teams and implementing technology solutions to support people on their journey to health. She has been invited to act as an expert advisor for numerous organizations, including the Centers for Disease Control, Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services, National Committee for Quality Assurance, National Quality Forum, Prescription for Physical Activity Task Force, STOP Obesity Alliance, and the Obesity Society. Trina is a member of the Society for Behavioral Medicine, the American Psychological Association, The Obesity Society, and the Digital Medicine Society.

Twitter: @Trinahistonphd

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