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Elevating the conversation to improve mental health

Kaiser Permanente is partnering with The Kennedy Forum and a coalition of prominent mental health and addiction organizations in the launch of Mental Health for US, a national initiative designed to elevate policy conversations about mental health. The goal of the campaign is to bring continued awareness of mental health issues to the forefront of a national discussion at key points during a presidential election, while improving the nation’s literacy around mental health and encouraging those in the mental health and addiction community to take a guiding role, leading the conversation on a national scale.

“Kaiser Permanente is committed to improving mental health and well-being in the country,” said Bernard J. Tyson, chairman and CEO of Kaiser Permanente. “We are leading through significant investments in staffing and facilities, the use of innovations including telehealth and recovery-focused care, and our continuing commitment to raising awareness around mental health issues and reducing stigma.”

“There is so much more we must do to address the gaps in mental health care across the country,” said Don Mordecai, MD, national leader for Mental Health and Wellness at Kaiser Permanente. “By working together with other leaders on mental health education, along with advancing an integrated approach to mental, physical, and emotional health, we hope to lead the way in bringing attention, accessibility, and best practices on this important issue.”

Nearly 1 in 5 Americans live with a mental health condition and 1 in 12 live with addiction. By educating the public on the severity of America’s health crisis, Mental Health for US will use civic engagement with voters and candidates during the election and seek to be a catalyst in addressing mental health and addiction.

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