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The Integrated Health Experience will take place in a virtual format in September-October 2021. The program is open to health care leaders from all over the world. Scheduling of these sessions aligns with morning business hours on Asia, Australia, and New Zealand. See details and register now.

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For an in-person program, please reserve your hotel room directly, as accommodations are not included in the program fee. You will receive a hotel recommendation when you register. To ensure room availability and a better rate, early reservations are advisable. If you must cancel your reservation, follow the hotel’s notification policy to avoid a cancellation charge on your credit card. Please check with the hotel regarding specific cancellation policies.

For an in-person program in the San Francisco Bay Area, you may fly into San Francisco International Airport or Oakland International Airport. Please arrange your own transportation between the airport and your hotel. On-demand ride-hailing services, such as Lyft and Uber, are readily available at both airports, as are taxis, shared shuttles, and public transit. When returning to the airport, especially during peak hours, your hotel concierge can help you reserve one of these options in advance. Visit or for further information on ground transportation options.

Breakfast and lunch will be served on program days, and social events will take place on selected evenings. Dates, times, and locations for the evening social events will be published, and you will be asked to RSVP for these events when you register.

For an in-person program, business casual attire is the standard, meaning that suits and ties are not required for men, and skirts or dresses are not required for women. Business slacks/pants and business shirts/blouses are acceptable attire. Dressing up for the evening events is optional. Please wear comfortable shoes during the day, as you will have several walking tours and stretch breaks!

To develop a customized program for your group of health care professionals in Southern California, Washington, DC, or the San Francisco Bay Area, please submit a Customized Program Request form, or feel free to contact us with questions. We will work with your group organizer to develop the agenda and address your topics of interest.

We are also happy to arrange a virtual program customized to your organization’s learning objectives. View areas of expertise.

We may be able to organize a condensed version of an educational program in your country. You may also request a speaker at a conference in your country, or virtually. View areas of expertise, and contact us for details.

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