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Proposing changes in the Swiss health insurance system

“Swiss Medical Network wants to shake up health insurance” reads the headline of an article published on September 12, 2019 by Le Temps. Earlier in 2019, Swiss Medical Network managing director Antoine Hubert and several of his colleagues took part in a KP International customized program for an in-depth look at the Kaiser Permanente model and a visit to the Garfield Innovation Center. The takeaways from the KP International program are part of what inspired Antoine to think differently about the Swiss health system.

Here is a translation of the first part of the article:

Swiss Medical Network (SMN), the second group of private clinics in Switzerland, wants to shake up the world of health. In the spirit of the Federal Council, which intends to introduce an experimental article allowing pilot projects without having to modify the law on health insurance, SMN intends to propose a model of integrated care that is innovative for Switzerland. Under the banner of “Total Health,” the citizen would become a member of a care network led by a foundation bringing together insurance, hospitals, doctors, and other health providers. This model, whose premiums would be the lowest on the market today, aims to eliminate a large part of the negative incentives that make the Swiss health care system increasingly difficult to finance. Physicians would no longer be paid on a fee-for-service basis, but would receive a salary based on the number of members covered. They would no longer be encouraged to multiply benefits, but to follow the long-term insureds and maintain their good health as long as possible. Le Temps interviewed the managing director of SMN, Antoine Hubert.

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