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Look inside a KP International program

Several times a year, health care leaders from diverse countries come to Northern California to learn how Kaiser Permanente has achieved a 75-year record of success. In early October, KP International hosted an open program, Innovation + Transformation in Health Care, which attracted 19 participants from 7 countries and featured sessions on personal health and KP Ventures. Later in the month, KP International hosted 31 Brazilian health care leaders at a customized program with an added focus on big data and a “tech day” of visits to Microsoft and Twilio.

Beginning at the enterprise level, our programs cover Kaiser Permanente’s integrated model, strategy, and vision through a company-wide lens. An underlying theme is Kaiser Permanente’s focus on primary care, prevention, and Total Health.

From there, we journey to the front lines of a medical center, exploring how our approaches to quality and physician leadership are central to the model. An overview of digital tools including KP HeathConnect® showcases the power of an integrated system and increasing virtual care. Community health is also featured as a core strategic initiative, with a continued effort to make health care more affordable and accessible to the communities we serve.

What impresses visitors is how the design of Kaiser Permanente comes to life at a medical center, where care teams work in concert to support a patient’s total health. A day at the Garfield Center shows how innovation happens throughout Kaiser Permanente. The emphasis on patient-centeredness is reinforced in stories of innovation.

Here are a few testimonials from program participants:

“The team put together a well-packaged program that catered to all the participants. We were able to meet with leadership teams and listen to them. All the KP leaders were very open and engaging. The program exceeded my expectations.”

“I heard a lot of statistics and facts about how we may change our company.”

“Very inspiring, and I think that more people, also international, can learn from KP’s work to transform and innovate health care. Seen and heard theoretically, visionary and practically how KP works.”

At the end of the program, the visitors head home with inspiration to strive for change in their own health systems.


Kaiser Permanente: The Integrated Health Experience — the next open program for health care leaders from all countries — will take place May 4 to 7, 2020. You can register on this website beginning in late November 2019.

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