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The Integrated Care Experience is Back!

After 3 years, we are finally back with our in-person Integrated Care Experience!   In September, we hosted a small cohort for three days as we explored the ins and outs of Kaiser Permanente’s integrated care model.

No matter if you attended several years ago, when the program was known as Learning from the KP Model, or more recently in a virtual program, there are core aspects of our model that we always cover.  These topics include: our structure, strategy, physician leadership, quality of care, and digital capabilities.

Our structure is unique in the United States, as the majority of health care systems in the United States operate as fee for service.  Notably, in Kaiser Permanente’s integrated model, we operate on a capitated basis.  We integrate and align the health insurance, hospitals and providers so that we deliver the right care, at the right time and in the right place for our members.  Our doctors are salaried and our hospitals are cost centers, not revenue generators.  Kaiser Permanente’s structure aligns us around the goal of helping our members to stay healthy.  It is better for patients and better for the health care system.


“A highlight for me is how invested KP management and employees are in the vision and goals of the organization” – September 2022 Integrated Care Experience participant testimonial

The structure and our mission can be seen throughout all we do.  Our physicians collaborate with each other and with non-clinical Kaiser Permanente partners to ensure that we can deliver the best care in a way that is convenient and high value for our members.  Our technology, whether through the electronic medical record or with our new digital capabilities, is designed to make care easier and more convenient for our members, while providing care teams access to relevant patient information and clinical guidelines.  At this program, we were excited to have received several awards for our redesign of and our members’ mobile app.  Kaiser Permanente was named the Design Company of the Year by Fast Company, the first time a health care company has won that designation. Additionally, the mobile app won a Webby award.  This award has us competing with technology companies for best design.


Other highlights included a look at our new design for a primary care clinic, Care Essentials.  Located in San Francisco, this clinic is located in the Salesforce Transit Hub, designed to be convenient for people working in and commuting to San Francisco.   A visit to the Garfield Innovation Center highlighted how we innovate and a gave a peak at our design templates for hospitals and outpatient facilities.

Many Integrated Care Experience participants comment on Kaiser Permanente’s strong culture, whether it is in the strong focus on our mission, how doctors and care providers practice medicine, or how we put the patient at the center of all we do.  Our most recent advertising campaign captures some of the heart of Kaiser Permanente.

Our next Integrated Care Experience program is April 24 – 26, 2023 in the San Francisco Bay Area.   We hope to see you then!

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