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Power Hours
Care Experience | Health Policy

2021 Power Hours

October – December 2021
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About the program

We wrapped up 2021 with a series of Power Hours, designed to provide insights into different facets of Integrated Care.

We are pleased to share the recaps here with you. As the year winds down, take a break to learn about Impact Spending, case studies of integrated care, and international perspectives on Kaiser Permanente’s integration.

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Integrated Care Stories

December 2021

Kaiser Permanente’s Institute for Health Policy has created a series of case studies that epitomize the power of an integrated health care system.  Hear from Murray Ross, Vice President and Rebecca Flournoy, Senior Policy Consultant at the Institute for Health Policy to hear these examples of our integrated system at work.

To see all the Integrated Care Stories, visit the Institute for Health Policy website.

KP’s Origin Story

November 2021

Mark Zemelman, Kaiser Permanente’s General Counsel,  put Kaiser Permanente and its model in historical context. Mark is our unofficial historian at Kaiser Permanente and told the unique story of the founding of the company and historical and political factors that shaped our path forward.  We look forward to posting a recording of Mark sharing Kaiser Permanente’s history in early 2022.

Watch a brief history of Kaiser Permanente here →

To explore more of Kaiser Permanente’s history, visit our history site.

Perspectives on Kaiser Permanente from Canada and Germany

November 2021

This session prompted a dynamic discussion about the structure of Kaiser Permanente’s integrated care system, alignment of incentives, and the impact on patients and physicians.

Watch the full recording here →

The discussion generated great questions and references to additional resources.  See the full recap here.

Impact Spending – Creating Community Impact with Every Dollar Spent

October 2021

Ije-enu Nwosu, Head of Impact Spending for Kaiser Permanente, shared how we leverage our supply chain to further create positive impact in the communities we serve.

Read more about Kaiser Permanente’s approach to creating impact through purchasing here.

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